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The Color Of Your Wax Can Tell A Lot About Your Health

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Your ear wax is very important for your body and it can tell you a lot about your health. So, net time you clean your ears you have to take a look at the color of the wax that comes out of your ear.

The color of your ear wax and their meaning:
  • Yellow and sticky

This is the normal color of an adult ear wax. The sticky texture prevents the ear canal from drying out and itching.

  • Pale yellow

This is the most common ear wax color for children because children’s tend to produce more ear wax than adults.

  • Gray

The gray ear wax is frequently the results of the natural cleaning of the ear. But, if the wax is dry and you feel itchy ear it may be a sing of eczema.

  • Sticky and dark wax

Anxiety can make your body produce more wax. Intense ear wax production can block your ear canal and this will lead to temporarily hearing loss. If you have dark and sticky ear wax you have to clean your ears regularly.

  • Dry and white ear wax

This is also a normal color of ear wax. If you have this type of wax be happy because you are very healthy.

  • Bloody wax

This is an unusual ear wax color. If you have this type of ear wax color you should go to the hospital right away because this could be a sign of perforated eardrum.

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