She Puts a Lemon in a Microwave. 20 Seconds Later? You Just Have to Try This!

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Everyone knows that one of the most refreshing beverages is the freshly-squeezed lemon juice. This juice can also be used as an addition to numerous food and drink recipes. Do you know what the most delicate thing about juicing lemons is? It is the question how to get the most juice of a lemon.

Here is what is most important when it comes to squeezing the most juice from lemons and limes: warming up the lemon and applying pressure. These processes actually weaken the membranes of the flesh of the fruit where the juice is trapped in.

If you use this method, you are going to produce up to thirty to forty percent more juice. You can achieve that by leaving the fruit whole or by cutting it into halves, so that a greater surface of the flesh is exposed. You are suggested to leave the fruit whole, so that you prevent some amount of moisture being absorbed by the microwave.


Start by taking a whole lemon, and then roll the fruit on a firm countertop. Apply sufficient force and squeeze down on the lemon, distorting its shape a little bit. This will help you break the membranes in the flesh of the lemon more easily, thus it will make the juicing procedure easier as well.

Here is a video in which it is shown how to get the most of a lemon in only twenty seconds using this easy and free food hack. The only items you will need for this procedure are a handheld juicer and a microwave.

Now that you know the secret, what is your opinion on it? Will you be utilizing this method from now on? We are looking forward to your comments.

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