Do You Know Why Women In China Bound Their Feet?

At first it absolutely was believed that girls do that as a result of that way they’re about to have better life and that they can get married. However the reason is something very totally different from that.
That method starts once the woman is actually young or to be more specific once a woman is around 4 to 9 years old. They begin with soaking their feet in animal blood and at that time they fold their toes over the sole and bound with cotton bandages. At that time they break the bones on the arch and toes so as to have simple managing and that they are simply bounding it tighter and tighter so as to urge the tiniest size that they’ll.

As we said the reason is something different and that is according to a book ‘’Splendid Slippers: A Thousand Years Of Erotic Tradition’’ written by Beverly Jackson. The reason why women are doing this is because they were forced to walk with unique posture and gait and they needed to have tiny feet. That posture will end up with tight muscles in the hips, upper leg and vagina. And their body weight was all the time carried in their heels and because of that they end up having fat thighs and that will make them more attractive to men. And because men felt like making love to a virgin every time when women had tight muscles of the vagina due to that procedure.


The pictures that you can see were taken by Farrell which is British photographer and he took these photos for documentation of dying tradition in China: foot binding.


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