Although you most actually know, we are going to tell you that HIV is a sexually transmitted sickness. It means you’ll be able to get HIV virus by having unprotected sex with somebody who already has HIV. It is fully clear that it’s hard to diagnose HIV simply after a headache, however it’s vital to know the signs within the early stages, so you’ll be able to treat the sickness. The followings are the foremost common signs that the majority of the individuals affected by this disease had.

  1. Fever

Fever may be an early sign of HIV, however never make quick conclusions. If the fever stays despite the medicines you’re taking, for a extended amount of your time, consult your doctor. Longtime fevers are a serious sign of HIV.

  1. Fatigue

The HIV virus causes you to feel tired all the time as a result of reduces your energy levels.

  1. Muscle ache

Pain within the legs, joints and back while you’re doing minor efforts and everyday normal tasks, may be a symbol and you need to visit a doctor and do some tests.

  1. Headache and sore throat

The HIV virus weakens your system and this is often why you may be prone to any kind of infections, headaches, and flues. this implies that’s you have got HIV, sore throat and headaches are going to be inevitable each day and night.

  1. Rashes on skin

You know that the skin is the mirror to the health, and if you have HIV your skin  reflects that. It’s most probably that you will get itchy rashes as a warning sign.

  1. Weight loss

Losing the appetite and by that losing some weight, can be a sign of this disease.

  1. Dry cough
 One very usual symptom are dry sticky cough that form and remain in the throat.

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