A few years ago, this man was feeling unwell and he was very thirsty all the time. After visiting his doctor who run some tests, he was shocked because his blood glucose levels were at 29! The doctor said that his pancreas was dying, which means that he would get insulin shots for the rest of his life. The man started taking insulin, but after a while his condition got worse. His triglycerides were at 16 and his blood pressure raised to 150\100! It was clear that something needed to change so he can survive.

So, he wanted something like a change. On New Year’s Eve, he created a resolution to be healthy but within the natural way.


He saw a show, the edge of Science, on TV. There, Dr. John Zirdum talked about raw foods and his consuming of them for twelve years. Once the show was over, this man wanted to do this methodology. He got a blender immediately. Within the 1st week, he had strange cravings but he suppressed them. The sugar level of the blood dropped to only 5! This amazed him and he was shocked as meds didn’t make this effect as his methodology did.

As a result to this, he stopped the insulin medical care and continued his healthy raw diet. Anyway, he wished to go back to insulin in case things worsen. But, everything was good and the sugar in blood was stable. He even lost some extra weight.

In nearly a month he lost over twenty lbs and still was healthy.

After four months he was fresh and had forty lbs less! He never took insulin again and the pressure got to 120/70, the triglycerides to 1.4.

He stopped with the pills and felt like a new man.

This is his best juice:

  • 2 kiwis
  • 2 apples
  • Handful of kale
  • 5 bananas


Mix all ingredients in a bowl, and pour 500 ml of water over them. All blended in a blender.


Drink half of it in the morning and the rest drink it throughout the day.

In addition, this juice is extremely beneficial because it will provide all the nutrients necessary for the blood and brain.


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