If You Have Red Or Black Bed Sheets Change Them Immediately. Here`s Why – This Is So Scary!

The experiment on bed bugs was made of experts from the University of Florida. This is really smart thing to do because this is a common problem these days.

They wanted to see what color these bugs prefer and that is why they putted them in a Petri dish.

And the results may be seen from this image:

As you’ll be able to see the favorite colours of those bugs are the black and red and they hate violet and green.

The question is : Why do these bugs mostly prefer the red color? The answer is simple. As we can see from the first image these bugs have shell that is red and because of that they think that is some group of their “family” and that is why they go for red.

Will you change your sheets is only up to you, but there are many people that will do that after this facts. More studies should be done to examine these bugs and that is why this is only your choice.

We recommend you to share this article with your friends and family and help them to change their sheets! Thank you !


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