These Famous Stock Cubes Are Poisonous!

Millions of people buy stock cubes  as their favorite choice of stock. Many people believe that these stock cubes are healthy but there is one dangerous ingredient known as monosodium glutamate that is used as flavoring.


What actually is monosodium glutamate? – It is a chemical additive that may bring various side-effects like vomiting, depression, nausea, tachycardia, skin allergies, dizziness and headaches once it enters the human body. If this chemical additive is being consumed on a daily basis it will end up with serious consequences because it’ll increase the production of acetycholine in theendocrine system which can reduce the glucose absorption in your body and this will further end up with Alzheimer’s disease or obesity and lots of neurodegenerative conditions.

How powerful really this chemical is can be noticed by the famous taste of these brands. These days sodium glutamate is being used for several processed foods (mostly in chicken, beef and vegetable broth cubes) and it will make you “addictive” to that because it’ll make you eat more and more of those foods because this chemical will block neurological function of the hypothalamus (has a function to control appetite) and because of this you ought to stay away of this chemical.

You can replace them with a cheaper and better alternative such as fresh or frozen natural spices dipped in coconut or olive oil and after that frozen in ice cubes trays like this :

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