CNN Warns: Stop Eating This Type Of Food Because Dangerous Worms May Appear Inside Your Body!

The foods that are quite dangerous for human health are being consumed by numerous people every day. Some foods can have specific type of worm that can bring many consequences. Those foods are beef and pork.

These worms are dangerous because when they are in your body they can move through your tissue, eyes and even brain. It maybe sound like something impossible, but it is actually true.

Team of doctors in Addenbrookes Hospital at Cambridge had experience with this when one patient come to the hospital due to severe headaches. After a while that same patient had other symptoms such as weakness and seizures and the doctors asked him has he been traveling lately and the patient answered that he had been in South Korea, China, Japan and Thailand recently. Parasite known as SpirometraErinaceieuropaei is mostly present in these countries. All of the symptoms that that patient had were indicating that he has that type of parasite in his body. After doctors done some tests they saw that the patient indeed had this kind of infection and they removed the worms from his body with surgery because that is the only solution for this problem.

Everyone should know that you can get infected in two ways of these tapeworms:

– First one is with contact with swine or human feces;
– The second one is eating under-cooked pork from pigs that are infected.


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