Natural And Safe: Plant Onion in a Plastic Bottle

Even in winter you’ll have homemade onion if planted on our method. Plant onion in a plastic bottle, place it on the windowsill of the way and take up lots of space and wait for the first sprouts.
How to plant your onions in plastic bottle we found in Auntiedogmasgardenspot blog.

Materials needed:

1. bulbs
2. Plastic bottle
3. Earth

To start, find a slightly larger and more plastic bottle of two or five liters, it’s good to clean and cut her top, slightly below the line wherever it begins to narrow.

Cut the bottle as many holes as you’ve got bulbs and a few are large enough to tip bulbs will go through them. Once everything is prepared it’s time to agree your seedlings.

The principle is this: the bottles alternately disagree earth and bulbs in order that the highest of the bulb is in the land, an area where they’ll sprout shoots that protrude through the hole in the bottle. Stack while a whole bottle doesn’t fill the earth and all the holes shut bulbs.

When finished, pour over all with water and place it on the windowsill with the most daylight and watch for your 1st shoots.


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