Warning: By Kissing Newborns You Can Easily Transmit A Cold Sore On Baby!

Babies are terribly at risk of bacteria and infections. they’re very fragile and may get cold sore by simply being kissed. Therefore, mums ought to forbid anyone from hugging their newborn. simply explain the risks of viruses, microorganism and infections that will be transferred to the baby. particularly those that have already got a chilly, cough, sneeze and have a fluid nose. Your baby’s immune systen doesn’t develop until they’re 6-7 weeks old.

If a herpes is transmited to the baby it may spread all over their bodies. This has been confermed by mom, a herpes has been transferd to her baby’s mouth, chin and cheeks.Thankfully after 5 days in the hospital the baby was getting well. But not everyone is as lucky.  Another baby was infected by a cold sore and taken to the hospital. But it didn’t survive because babies younger than 3 months are not immune to cold sore.

That is why you need to stop anyone from kissing your newborn baby. It is not immune to diseases and viruses. It is fragile so do not be ashamed of forbiding anyone from kissing your baby because you are protecting it with that.



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