He Ate Only Potatoes For A Year And Now He Looks Like This!

Andrew Taylor wasn’t happy with he appearance. He was a fat guy and needed somehow to help himself. He fell down and depressed, drinking medications, however it didn’t help him.

He ate everything. He became extremely addicted and ate everything he got – cooked greasy foods, ice creams, cakes, chocolates, pizza and drinking a lot of soda.
“I realised that i was addicted. Once you are an alcoholic and you become aware of that, you wish to stop drinking. It is almost the same when you want to stop eating junkie food. However you can’t stop eating. I realized I had to do something, “he said for an Australian portal.

He decided to make a huge change – to eat only potatoes. People around him were very skeptical, many criticized him, tried to turn him back from this idea. But he was persistent, overcame it all and has lost up to 50 pounds for less than a year!

He suffered from clinical depression and potatoes helped him to deal with it. He doesn’t drink antidepressants, he sleeps better, and even doesn’t feel pain in joints he sustained playing football ten years ago,.

He admitted that the beginning of this diet was very hard, real torture. But it became easier later.

“I just stopped thinking about any other food,” he explains.

He has become a real star in the Australian media.



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