How To Detect Fake Honey (It’s Everywhere), Use This Simple Trick!

Did you recognize that there are real honey and fake honey? But , the difference can’t be easily noticed if you don’t know some tricks. This text will show you how to recognize the purity of honey at the convenience of your home. The market is overladen with fake honey brands. The fake or usually called adulterated honey is already on the markets and it wouldn’t be strange you have already used it.

The real honey comes from bees and it’s usually known as organic or pure honey. On the opposite hand, the fake honey, also called adulterated, impure or artificial honey, has been added sugar syrups, molasses, corn syrup, dextrose, and different flavors and additives. So, most of the honey claimed to be pure, has corn syrup added to that.

How to Test Purity of Honey

Fortunately, there are several methods worth knowing, which will help you test whether the honey is pure or fake. Hence, we decided to show you a simple trick, which is quite easy and you can conduct it at home. This trick will, in fact, help you distinguish what is organic from nectar and what is not to help you know identify falsified honey.

The Flame Test to Know Pure Honey

You may be surprised to find out that that organic honey is flammable. The following test will help you recognize if the honey you’re using is 100% pure and organic.

First, you ought to take a dry matchstick.
Then, dip its tip right into the honey and strike the stick on the matchbox as if to light it.
Hence, if the honey is pure, the matchstick will light with ease. Moreover, the flame will keep burning.
On the other hand, if the honey is fake, it’ll not light as a result of fake honey contains moisture as one of the impurities.

This simple trick is one of the varied methods to assist you find out whether the honey you’re using is pure or fake. Now once you know how to test your honey, go and grab the honey jar you have at home. Test it and let us know the results.


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