Warning to All Parents: Don’t Let Your Children Eat Rice Cakes

Albeit many trust that rice confections, which are truly prevalent with children, are sound, the fact of the matter is a remarkable opposite. As indicated by another review, these items are stacked with hazardous levels of a cancer-causing substance.

The review was completed by the Swedish National Food Agency. After analyzing 102 rice items accessible available, in some of these scientists found elevated amounts of arsenic, which is a known cancer-causing agent.

Thinking about the review comes about, the sustenance wellbeing association amended its dietary suggestions on rice. Rice or rice items, for example, rice porridge, rice noodles, or breakfast grain made of puffed rice like (Rice Crispies, for example) ought not be devoured by kids more than four times each week. Rice cakes contain the most arsenic, which is the reason these shouldn’t be given to kids less than six years old.

In the expressions of Emma Halldin Ankarberg, toxicologist at the Swedish National Food Agency, “Numerous kids eat rice cakes as a nibble, yet sadly we should exhort against this. Different nations are likewise giving this counsel.”

“For every other person, rice cakes are alright with some restraint, however it relies on upon the measure of rice items expended generally speaking,” she included.

The individuals who devour a great deal of rice, i.e. more than seven times each week, ought to eliminate their rice allow as they’re uncovering themselves at a danger of ingesting a considerable measure of arsenic.

The review comes about uncovered that mainstream rice items, including Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, Boots Baby natural rice cakes and Organix First Wholegrain Baby Rice, were some of those containing risky arsenic levels.

Warning to All Parents- Don’t Let Your Children Eat Rice Cakes


Arsenic actually shows up in the dirt and bedrock and is consumed by plants. Be that as it may, rice is by all accounts particularly open to retaining and putting away abnormal amounts of arsenic. This component is a known cancer-causing agent which, if ingested in substantial amounts, can prompt to tumors in the skin, lungs, bladder, and in addition the liver, kidneys and prostate. Besides, persistent introduction to arsenic can likewise add to various other medical problems including cardiovascular ailment, liver harm, perpetual hack, diabetes and neurological impacts. Kids are especially at hazard.

As of late, a considerable measure of consideration has been given to the nearness of arsenic in child rice and rice items. The review likewise found that there were distinctive levels of arsenic in rice contingent upon the assortment, development region, development techniques, and generation strategies – for instance, entire grains for the most part contain more arsenic than refined rice.


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