Oncologys Greatest Secret Exposed: The REAL Truth About Chemo And Radiation!

Despite the fact that disease can be survived, the ordinary medications being utilized cause unsalvageable harm, including beginning off new, seconds malignancies.

Seconds malignancies are not connected to the first tumors, but rather it can be incited by similar lopsided characteristics or operators which prompted to the advancement of the first. Specialists frequently allude to the danger of second disease as “well disposed fire”, which is the treatment for one malignancy prompting to the starting of the second tumor. This makes us think about how could any specialist disregard to educate the patient about the likelihood that second malignancies might be made by the tumor treatment they are experiencing through, isn’t that right?

Tragically, the solid connection amongst chemotherapy and radiation and the start of second growths has been for quite some time known. In actuality, the American Cancer Society concedes that both chemo and radiation are cancer-causing and may expand the hazard for second malignancy. Be that as it may, the oncologists neglect to advise the patients about this and people in general is as yet being kept oblivious.


Chemotherapy works by harming the DNA of tumor cells and isolating them quick. The issue with this treatment is that it likewise influences solid cells. The hazard for second tumor relies on upon the dosage and in addition on the length of the treatment.

AML (intense lymphocytic leukemia) and MDS (myelodysplastic disorder) are the two most regular diseases connected with chemotherapy drugs.


Aside from the notable hazard from radiation to malignancy, incorporating nuclear bombs impacts in Japan, and the mounting proof associating mobile phones to growth, radiation treatment has been additionally perceived as cancer-causing. It works correspondingly to chemotherapy, implying that it executes of malignancy cells yet it influences solid ones, as well.

Radiation treatment has been connected with the event of tumors of the bone, stomach, lung, and a couple leukemia`s like AML (intense myelogenous leukemia), CML (ceaseless myelogenous leukemia) and ALL (intense lymphoblastic leukemia).


Malignancy medications are connected with a higher hazard for resulting neoplasms for youth tumor survivors

Undifferentiated cell transplants raise the danger of second tumors and concealment of the safe framework from chemo and radiation utilized

Chemotherapy has been connected with the start of testicular tumor

Chemotherapy used to treat bosom tumor and lymphomas may start bladder malignancy

Radiation used to treat prostate may prompt to carcinomas

Radiation used to treat bosom tumor builds the hazard for lung growth

Patients given immunosuppressive medicines like nitrogen mustard, cyclophosphamide, and chlorambucil utilized amid organ transplants are appeared to grow second malignancies

Drugs like Tafinlar and Zelboraf used to treat melanoma are connected with higher danger of squamous cell carcinomas of the skin

Topoisomerase II inhibitors like Mitoantrone, Teniposide, and Etoposide, which are utilized to keep cells from having the capacity to repair DNA, may bring about leukemia inside 2-3 years

Alkylating chemotherapy specialists like cyclophosphamide, chlorambucil, melahalan, and mechlorethamine, meddle with cell`s DNA may bring about MDS and AML

Non-alkylating chemotherapy operators like carboplatin and cisplatin assault malignancy cells and increment the hazard for leukemia. The hazard relies on upon the measurements and whether radiation is given en route or not.



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