This Natural Recipe Of Tibetan Monks Will Provide Strong White Teeth Until Old Age

Tibetan people have one of the oldest medical systems in the whole world. Over the centuries, this system is an important part of their culture. It is amazing how Tibetan monks have white, healthy teeth even when they are old. Their secret is simple: a simple, natural recipe that keeps the teeth white, healthy and strong.

Here is a method how to prepare it:

In a half of cup boiled, then cooled water, add a tablespoon of salt. Mix it well, but remove the foam from the top. Use the crystals from the mixture and clean your teeth as usual with a toothbrush.
The best is if you wash your teeth after meals, not only in the morning and in the evening.
We must notice, at first, when you will start using this mixture, you may feel discomfort.

The salt water affects the sensitivity of the teeth, especially to hot and cold drinks and foods, and to sour or sweet.
Sensitivity last for a short period, it is tolerable, and it is a result of the removal of the enamel from the teeth, which is minor.

Why this salt mixture is good for our teeth?

Because it strengthens the enamel in a short period, kills all pathogenic bacteria in our mouth and repairs the bumps and cracks on the teeth.

People around the world have been using salt water as mouthwash for a very long time.
Salty water also helps in clearing all the food stuck in our teeth.
You won’t regret if you start using this simple but healthy Tibetan recipe.
You will get perfect smile, and at the same time you will save money wasting all this time on expensive and unhealthy toothpaste.


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