Groceries That You’ ve Been Peeling The Wrong Way Your Whole Life (VIDEO)

It is interesting that in fact, after this video, you will realize that you are peeling these groceries completely wrong.

How to properly peel a banana, it is something that everyone knows the monkey. How to clean the garlic for a few seconds, or you can do to facilitate the preparation of boiled potato salad are just some of the tricks that can facilitate us everyday.

  1. Banana

It is very easy to peel a banana, but there is an easier way that is practiced by monkeys. It may sound funny but the correct and the faster way to peel a banana is to start from the ending of the banana.


  1. Garlic

Worship to add garlic in dishes, but simply makes you tired of cleaning the shells? Nothing easier. Take a head of garlic and strong swipe it with your hand. Put all the pieces in a bowl with lid and shake strongly. And your job is done.


  1. Boiled egg

Clean boiled egg shell is something that can really pose a problematic task. The trick is that you put the egg in a container with a lid, filled with cold water, then shake strongly. Believe it or not, the pot will remove perfectly cleaned egg.


  1. Potato

Preparation of potato salad can sometimes be really boring task because no one wants to “fight” with warm potatoes, which you must peel. Therefore, before sealing, cut the potato with a knife horizontaly on both sides. Boil it, cool it, and with a simple step peel it up literally in a snap. And the main ingredient for your favorite salad is ready.



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