Super-Powerful Potion to Treat Inflammatory Joint and Bone Strengthening!

The chronic inflammation is present in all diseases, and in many cases (such as heart diseases) is even and direct cause of them. Even been linked to cancer. This is not the type of inflammation that you get from, say, a sprained ankle (swelling, redness), but systematic and constantinflammatory process that negatively affects every system in the body. Basically, it is your own immune system turns on you. And it is almost always caused by eating the wrong kind of food.

Fortunately, the food will eradicate and turmeric and ginger are two ancient roots that haveamazing healing properties, but when combined, are more effective than any drug to relievechronic inflammation.

Ingredients and how to make

5-6 carrots. You can leave them if you want to paddy.
½ inch ginger root
½ inch of turmeric root
½ teaspoon black pepper

Mixing up and drink a glass of brandy every morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals.


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