How To Make Turmeric Lemonade That Treats Depression Better Than Prozac

Turmeric fights depression
When it comes to turmeric we can say we have the natural drug for depression.Thanks for the curcumin ingredient and tht fluoxetine in the turmeric and also Prozac we can relieve depresion.
I will recomend a turmeric lemonade which is very easy ,effective  and it’s tasty:
For 4 servings


4 cups of cold water.
Lemon or lime juice.
One blood orange juice.
100% maple syrup, honey or stevia if you are avoiding sugar.
Tea powder.
2 spoons of powdered turmeric.


Put all the ingrediens in one bowl an mix them ,than stir them and serve wihh slices of lemon


Juices are nutrients well absorbed  ,with reduced calories and are god for detoxification.
Juices are antioxidants, antiviral and natural anti-inflamatory.
Juices improve absorption of essential nutrients and are good for strong immunity booster.  

Turmeric is that kind of root that can be consumed on a daily basis and goes well with any type of food , can be taken in large quantities. For turmeric lemonade its ingredients are readily available but note that they should not be exposed to a lot of heat or high temperatures as the nutrient level will be reduced or weakened.



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