What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Smoking ?

Some have tried many times to stop smoking but have not succeeded. Others were persistent and accomplish the goal, and the third did not even think to stop smoking.

Here are a few facts that might help smokers to start thinking about giving up cigarettes.

20 minutes after termination – The first effect that occurs 20 minutes after the last cigarette is lowering blood pressure and pulse rate to the normal value.

12 hours after the termination Carbon monoxide, which can be toxic in large quantities, comes from the burning part and enters into the body with the smoke. Carbon monoxide is pretty good for a cell which makes them harder to connect with oxygen. This problem is slowly stops after leaving a cigarette.

24 hours after cessation – smokers have a 70 percent higher chance of heart attack. Just one day after quitting smoking the risk starts to decrease.

48 hours after the end of renewed sense of smell and taste.

Three days after the end of – at this time the body will be clean from nicotine. However, the effects of nicotine remain for some time. There may be physical symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and cramps. In the struggle with these symptoms, you can reward yourself with the money you save on cigarettes.

Two to three weeks after stopping – you will be able to practice and engage in physical activity.In addition, you will improve blood circulation and lungs will recover and makes it easier to breathe.

Month to nine months after the end of – the lungs are much more resistant to infection.

A year after the termination the risk of heart disease was reduced by 50 percent.

Five years after the end – the risk of heart attack is now the same as in people who do not smoke.

10 years after the end – by half reduces the risk of death from lung cancer.

15 years after the end – the risk of heart disease at the same level as non-smokers.


Source: www.quit.org.au

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