This Vaccine Is Destroying Your Daughters Ovaries And Reproductive System!

Gardasil is vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV) is produced by corporate Merck & Co. The shocking part is that according to a recent study, this company forgot to examine on the reproductive system of women.

As a result of this deadly vaccine and huge omission and mistake, an Australian girls suffered terrible consequences and her ovaries have been entirely destroyed.

This story about girl at the age of 16, who suffered from disastrous effects caused by this vacine, was published by the peer – reviewed British Medical journal.

Namely, the ovaries of this youngster were completely destroyed before they could develop, and terrible outcome is that she entered early menopause, and because of this, her full womanhood was derogated. Parents should be warned by this example not to allow use of Garadsil in the case of their daughters.

This recent study and investigation proved that this vaccine seriously damages the function of ovaries, 3 years after the menarche in a 16 – year – old girl who took human papillomavirus vaccine, under the title Premature ovarina failure.

This was was verified during an examination which showed that her ovaries were in a perfect condition before the vaccine, and there were no other influences that could have affected the state of her ovaries, besides Gadasii.

Australian Therapeutic Administration (TGA), which is the Australian equivalent of the (FDA), stated that Merck didn’t tested the safety of this vaccine in relation to the effects on the reproductive systems at women. Vaccines only were tested the effects they have on male testes.

The report says: “Although the TGA’s Australian Public Report for  Human Papillomavirus Quadrivalent Vaccine, Ferbruary 2011, does report on the histology of vaccinated rat testes end epididymidides, no hostilogical report has been available for vaccinated rat ovaries. A histological report on the ovaries of vaccinated rats remained unavailable beyond a numbering of the corporea lutea present at postweaning euthanasia following the first litter”.

It is fact that young women are the main target of Gardasil, but Merck regardless of that fact whether with or without intention, did not check if the vaccine may potentialy damage the ovaries of women.

In addition, the side – effects from Gadasil vaccine at longer period are still left vague, but boys have started to get this shot recently.

Polysorbate 80, which also goes by the names Alkest, Canarcel or Tween 80, according to some studies, it is the principal reason for damaging the female reproductive system.

Besides the fact these chemical additives accelerate sexual maturation in women, also those chemicals tend to reduce the weight and function of both the ovaries and the uterus.

Similarly, L – histidine, when injected into the body, can cause the body to develop an autoimmune response to the natural substance, which can lead to many of the serious side effects being observed in many young girls who have been jabbed with Gardasil.



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