HIT Diet: You Only Need to Include This Food on The Menu!

We recommend a diet with mushrooms that will be nice substitute for meat and will be a great way to lose weight without being starving.  The point is to remove meat products from the menu.

Composition of mushrooms make up proteins and fibers that create satiety, but they are low-calorie, namely 150 grams contains only 30 calories.
This diet also have the advantage I mean great adventage that lies in improving the looks, because mushrooms contain really high amounts of B vitamins, zinc, iron, potassium and selenium, which nourish the skin, hair and nails.

diet 2

Diet is carried out after 5 weeks in which to be observed intake of 1,550 calories per day, which includes daily consumption of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables and 0.5 l of milk to ensure adequate intake of nutrients.
The main focus is on the child replace one meal with meat and mushrooms to several times a week.
For us the most consumed mushrooms, but also all other types of mushrooms are low in calories.
Tip: As the most common mushrooms, however, prepare them in a way that they cut into slices and cook a few minutes (5 to 7), in order to preserve the most nutrients. In this way the mushrooms will be soft and easily digested.

– Minced meat in spaghetti bolognese replace the mushrooms
– Instead of chicken risotto use mushrooms
– A delicious stew can make mushrooms instead of meat
– The meat in a hamburger replace oyster mushrooms baked in foil
– A mixture of three kinds of mushrooms make pate and eat instead of meat

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