5 Secrets for a Flat Stomach

“Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.” –Earl of Derby

Finnally I found some time to share this post  with you. Because earlier when I thought of writing on this article I questioned myself “Am I eligible to write on losing weight, if I am overweight myself?”, but now I became slim by applying different techniques. Now I feel so confident and comfortable to write especially about  flat stomach. So now I am going to share with you some of my health secrets. The techniques I implemented, which got me nice results.

I have did this experiment in 3 months and I am successful. If you ask me why I have done this experiment, there is only one reason: I love myself a lot and I want to stay fit.

Reflect on what Buddha said “Every human being is the author of his own health or disease

If you feel that these techniques are difficult for you, at least begin with 1st and 2nd techniques which are much easy for your implementation.

  • Water: The best things in life are free. Water is one of them. We ignore its benefits and lose our health. Water is called the elixir of life, which means it increases your life span and enhances your health. Drink 3 to 4 liters of water daily. This will drain all your toxins and fat from the body. It will eliminate most of the diseases. Your skin starts glowing and your body feels so light. Try it for 3 days and you can feel the difference.

Points to remember while drinking water

  1. Always drink on empty stomach every morning.
  2. Don’t drink while having meals.
  3. If you finished meals at 1 pm do not drink water until 3pm(2 hours gap is necessary for digestion)
  4. Early morning you can drink 1 liter at a time. But for the rest of the day drink only one glass at a time and give 20 minutes gap to have another glass.
  5. Don’t drink after sunset.
  6. If you finished drinking, give 30 minutes gap to take any solid food.
  • Yoga: No need to do all poses in Yoga. Just two poses are enough to get that flat stomach you dream of. These two postures (asanas) have changed my belly completely. You can understand the power of yoga only when you do it.
  • Naukasan: (The picture shown in the beginning of this article.) This pose will reduce the fat just above the navel. You can see the difference within a week. Try to be in this position as long as you feel comfortable. But don’t force yourself too hard. Increase the amount of time day by day. For example I used to be only for 3 seconds, later increased on practice. Now I can remain in this pose for 30 seconds. This took me 3 months of rigorous practice. Three rounds of Naukasan are sufficient in one sitting. Once a day is enough. Don’t overdo.
  • Uthanupadasan: This pose will reduce the fat just below the navel. Same as Naukasan but no need to raise upperbody and hands. Till hips just lie down flat on the ground. Only legs should be raised as in Naukasan. You can place the two hands under your neck if you want. All the rules mentioned above for Naukasan also apply to this pose as well. Don’t overdo


The rest of the points are related to my FOOD intake. So I divided them as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

  • Breakfast:
  • Vegetable Juice- A rich source of essential nutrition. Cut few cubes of Snake gourd (Potlakai), Bottle gourd (Sorakai), Ridge gourd (Beerakai), Cucumber, Carrot and Beetroot. Make them as juice, filter all the pulp. Do not use sugar. Add honey and lemon as per your taste. 7 am is the best time to drink.
  • Sprouts- I eat them daily as breakfast especially Green gram (Pesalu in Telugu), Cowpea (Bobbarlu), Horse gram (Ulavalu), Bengal gram (Senagalu) etc. Remember that sprouts are the most nutritious food on earth. Only after one hour of having vegetable juice, you need to eat sprouts.
  • Vegetable Salad –If you are still hungry after having sprouts you can have this salad. Cut some cubes of carrots, tomato, cucumber (kheera or Dosakaya). Eat until your stomach is full.


  • Lunch: White rice is the major cause of obesity and diabetes. So stop it. Instead eat pulka (chapaathi without oil) with Zero-salt and Zero-oil curries. It may sound surprising for you but salt is the major culprit in getting many diseases. Oil will not contain cholesterol but once it enters your body, it is transformed to cholesterol. So quit both oil and salt. One doubt which may haunt you now is “I think body requires salt” Yes it requires. Every item you eat in this universe contains sodium except rain drops. This sodium in its natural form is enough for the body.
  • Dinner: Have dinner before 7pm. I eat only fruits as dinner. A combination of 3 or 4 varieties is enough. Eat till you feel satisfied. I finish my dinner at 6pm. Do not take any other solid food after dinner. If hungry at 10pm you can have 4 spoons of honey with a slice of lemon in one glass of water.


That’s all what you need to do. Do you feel this is difficult? Remember, nothing comes easy in life, so roll up your sleeves and start working.

If you think you can’t do it now, observe what V.L. Allineare has to say “When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no “I’ll start tomorrow.”  Because Tomorrow is disease

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