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This meal plan for one particular person. It is going to make three suppers per day for seven days, in view of you might have half for supper and spare the opposite one for the subsequent day. The recipes could possibly be multiplied, or they could possibly be shared as solely suppers with different particular person. You likewise require entry to a greenback tree that gives frozen meals, the larger the selection, the higher.

This meal plan meant to get anyone throughout a time on a $25 spending plan. Within the occasion that you simply require sure issues, much like espresso, half and half, and sweetener, you may uncover these on the Greenback Tree, but the flavour gained’t be sans sugar. Alongside these traces, on the off likelihood that you must have these issues, toss in three extra bucks.

The recipes on this meal plan are easy to cook dinner, and style nice.

Snacks are sunflower seeds, pickles, pork skins, string cheese, and olives.

Additionally, if you wish to know the dietary counts, you must do it your self.



  • A bag of frozen spinach
  • 1 frozen breakfast sausage chub
  • A 3 pack of string cheese
  • 1 two pack of frozen hen legs
  • A shredded cheddar bundle (3oz)
  • 2  packages of shredded mozzarella (3oz)
  • 2 frozen veggie combine luggage
  • 1 bag of pork rinds
  • 1 bag of frozen peppers and onions
  • 1 frozen tilapia filets bundle
  • Three cartons of eggs (half dozen)
  • 1 can of black olives
  • 1 shaker of parmesan
  • 1 jar of Rinaldi pizza sauce
  • 1 bottle of mayo
  • 1 shelled sunflower seeds bag
  • 1 tuna can
  • 1 bundle of walnuts
  • 1 pickles jar
  • 1 mackerel can
  • 1 bundle of pepperoni slices


Breakfast first.

You’ll need sausage, eggs, and frozen pepper combine.

Fry the sausage, beat the eggs and a cup of peppers, then mix all of it collectively and preserve it in some bowl. Plunge some out each morning and heat it up for breakfast.

Subsequent: Tuna salad

Take your fish, embrace some pickles, walnuts, Three Tbsp. of mayonnaise, and pepper and salt. Boil two eggs.

Prepare dinner round two measures of the veggie mix you picked. Add one egg, ½ tuna, and a big portion of the veggies for supper, and retailer the opposite half for the next day.


Spinach Florentine

Preheat broiler to 400 levels.

Defrost all the bundle of spinach, place it in a dish with round 1/Four measure of mayo and 1/Four measure of parmesan, along with some pepper and salt. Place it in a heating dish and break 4 eggs to complete the whole lot. Salt and pepper the eggs, put within the broiler, and put together for 20 min. Serve half of the portion for one meal.



Prepare dinner the tilapia fish in a skillet and put them apart. On the off likelihood that you’ve some bacon fats or a margarine, embrace that and a few pepper and salt and dump a big portion of the sack of panfry mix, much less a couple of half glass, into the skillet and cook dinner it until the veggies are delicate and by no means once more solidified. Cut up it between 2 dishes, and embrace a string cheddar for some extra fats and protein.


Pizza containers

Preheat broiler to 350 levels.

Take the pepperoni and place one in every cup of the muffin tin. Embody 1 tbsp. of the Rinaldi pizza sauce to the very best level of each one. Reduce a few olives and put them in every cup. Put some parmesan on them and mozzarella on high and cook dinner for round 15 min. Make a measure of the frozen greens to eat with them.


Fish croquettes

Open the fish and empty the fluid. Switch the fish right into a bowl. Embody the pack of shredded cheese, two eggs, Three tbsp. mayo, squash sufficient pork skins finely, and add pepper and salt to style. Mix all of it and form the mix into three or 4 patties and fry them in a skillet until they’ve a nice masking on one facet, at that time flip and do likewise on the alternative facet.

Toss 1 cup of frozen greens into the skillet and cook dinner them within the additional fats. Ensure that to separate it into two dishes.


Peppers and eggs

Fry the peppers in your skillet, at that time add the eggs up and scramble them collectively.


Hen soup

Take the hen legs and place them in a medium pot earlier than anything. Cowl them with water and bubble for 60 minutes. Take them out, take the bones off the meat and refrigerate it. Break the bones down the center and set them within the water once more and stew them all through the day on low with the highest on.

Following 3-Four hours, pressure it to get any bone items out, embrace the hen again in, embrace round 1/Three cup of that pizza sauce for some taste, at that time embrace round 2 cups of no matter greens you might have left. Season with pepper and salt, and you’ve got sufficient soup to final a pair extra dinners.

At this level, chances are you’ll in any case have a few scraps, much like mayo, olives, peppers, pickles, pizza sauce, parmesan, and sunflower seeds. You’ll be able to roll these over into a few various things for the next week, and afterward you should purchase a few various things, much like garlic powder, a bit of container of cooking oil, and so forth. As you’re employed these menus, one can find that you’ve extra you may make the most of each week, and due to this fact, have extra choices.

We hope you want this 25$ meal plan, so be social share it!

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