8 Health Benefits of Sex

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10 Health benefits of sex According to the latest studies, regular sex – that is one to two lovemaking seasons per week can give you some extra boosts to your health. Here are the Top 10 health benefits of sex.

8 health benefits of sex

Here are the 10 Health benefits of sex.

1. Look younger

10 health benefits of sex

Dr. David Weeks, the clinical neuropsychologist, revealed the fact from his extensive research of 10 years that older men and women who have active love life looked 5 to 7 year younger from their actual ages. Dr. Weeks found the fact that quality is equally important as quantity, with the anti-aging benefits stronger if the sex is purely classed as “Loving” and none other than that.

2. Boost your fertility

Researchers have found that the more often you make love, the better quality your sperm will be.

Semen health will be the best when your sex had occurred less than 2 days before the sperm was tested and was greatly decreased after 10 days abstinence.

If you are looking for a baby then keep your sperm fresh by having sex twice a week but not only around the time of your partner’s ovulation.

Frequent sex will keep the balance of a woman’s hormones and regulates her periods, which will boost the chances for conceiving.

3. Disease-proof body

Having the high level of natural steroid DHEA which is known as the anti-aging hormone, is the key to keeping you fitter for the longer period. During sex, DHEA is secreted throughout your body and after your orgasm, the level in the bloodstream flows 5 times faster than the normal amount.

4. Fights colds and flu

10 health benefits of sex

If you have sex 1 to 2 times a week it will help you to produce an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA, which can protect you from cold and flu.

5. Lengthen your life

Australian researchers have found that the people having sex at least 3 times a week have a lower chance of nearly 50% of dying for any medical reason than those who have sex once in a month.

6. Shift your middle-age spread and keep fit

If you can sex vigorously for about 30 minutes it will burn 100 calories. If you have moderately active sex for twice in a week you can burn an extra 5000 calories in one year. So, if you want to stay fit in your middle age, maintain your sex life and enjoy it.

7. Increase your attractiveness to others

High sexual activities will help your body to release more pheromones, which enhance your appeal to the opposite sex.

That is why the more sex you have performed with your partner, the stronger your desire will be to have sex again with his/her.

8. Lower your blood pressure

10 health benefits of sex

A Scottish research team found that men and women who had plenty of sex handled the stress easily and they had lower blood pressure than those who abstained.

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