6 Morning Routines For Positive Energy All Day

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In what manner you start the day, whether it’s with a positive or a negative energy, will set the tone for the whole day.

If you practise good habits in the morning you will most likely have a good day as well. If you have negative morning habits you will most likely have a negative day as well. Having a good night’s sleep is very important for a great day, but so are the morning habits.

So, in this article you are going to read about morning habits that will bring you positive energy and other positive things that will last the whole day. Let’s take a look at them!

6 Morning Habits For Positive Energy All Day


Instead of reaching for your phone immediately after you wake up, you should make a journal that will contain your dreams, ambitions, and goals.

You should keep the journal close to your bed so you can write and read its contents without having to get up. This is a very positive practice that will make you feel more positive instead of worrying too much and not having enough time to start the day properly. When you start the day with a positive state of mind you will take care of your tasks and duties easier.


Meditation has showed to be a very positive for our state of mind. Some studies show that meditation helps our brain to be more productive, mindful, and positive.

Meditation doesn’t always mean that you have to sit still for half an hour (which is great if you can do it!). Focusing on your breathing, which is called mindful breathing, even for 5-10 minutes per day can have amazing benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing. When you get used to this habit you will realise that it has a lot of benefits and you will do it as often as you can.


People who practise visualisation have tangible benefits as those who practise meditation. Visualisation means forming an image about something, in this case how would you like to spend your day.

You can picture the way you are going to get to work, the tasks you will complete, the interactions you will have, etc. This is a very powerful practise that will get you through the day in a relaxed way.


The choice of drink depends upon you. However, you can occasionally drink a cup of tea instead of coffee because you will cleanse your throat and mouth, stimulate the metabolism, and have enough energy. Take a moment to appreciate the warm drink and focus on positive things as you take each sip.


Most people don’t like to get out of their beds and start the day. However, if you roll on one side and position yourself in a sitting position with the feet on the floor, while keeping the back straight and get up slowly, you will get up gently and relieve the pressure on your back and heart.


It is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives us energy, improves the productiveness, and the mood.

You can find a lot of recipes online, but you can always prepare something quickly which is also healthy. Fry some eggs, make an oatmeal, or eat a piece of toast with bread and butter on it.

You should also practise gratefulness while you eat the breakfast. Enjoy every bite you take and take your time to chew the food and enjoy the flavors.

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