10 Herbs You Can Grow Indoors in Water All Year Long For Endless Supply

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The best thing about herbs is that some of them can be grown indoors in water for catering to your culinary requirements round the clock. They also rank high pretty high in the department of flavour just like the ones grown in the garden. You also don’t have to worry about watering it regularly or prepare the soil in accordancewith changing seasons.

Things Required For Growing Herbs In Water

#1 Containers

You can opt for anything ranging from plastic bottles to mason jars. Amber hued ones can however serve you best as roots tend to grow away from light. Alternatively, you can wrap paper all around the bottle for darkening the root zone.

This action prevents growth of algae on the root surface as well as the container walls. It is imperative to note here that although algae do not impose any adverseeffect on the growth of plants, it can impart an untidy look to the bottles.

The containers having narrow mouths have an obvious advantage here. They can render adequate support to the cuttings for helping them stay upright. The container mouth should not be too tight or narrow around the cutting. Ideally it should allowfree air movement so that the roots can breathe.

While using a wide-mouthed container you can opt for a wire or nylon netting to cover up its top. The cuttings can be inserted through the holes for rendering adequate support to the cuttings. This also prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs due to the presence of nets.

#2 Water

Herb cuttings can be rooted in plain glass bottles containing regular water. However, you should refrain from using chlorinated water as its bleaching content might not serve your plant tissues very well.

You are free to use stored rainwater as well as water which has been left to air overnight. Well or spring water is however the best as it carries some dissolved minerals which boost up the growth of these herbs.

#3 Plant Cuttings

You can root soft cuttings easily in water without the requirement of any rooting hormones. All you need to do is snip-off 6-inch sections from your garden growing herbs and place them in containers filled with water.

You can even use the ones available at supermarkets by washing them in plain water and slicing off the lower portion. Lower leaves shall have to be removed fromcuttings before trimming the lower tips near the nodes from where the roots grow.

You need to make sure that its leaves do not touch the water on being inserted inside the bottle. Woody cuttings such as rosemary require more time and you need to change the water every week during this time without upsetting the cuttings.

The requirement for such frequent water change diminishes after the passage of 2-6 weeks once the roots starts growing. You an even make a natural rooting hormone mix by steeping willow branches overnight in warm water.

10 Herbs Which Can Grow In Water

#1 Oregano

You can use the leaves of this pungent herb for flavouring all forms of vegetables. All you need to do is collect cuttings of fresh growth for being placed inside a pot with adequate water. Once the plant starts growing well, you can pinch its growing tips.

#2 Peppermint

It is super easy to grow peppermint in water by placing just a few fresh cuttings in a mason jar. Peppermint has various medicinal benefits courtesy its high content of volatile substance menthol. It renders a cooling sensation on being consumed without altering your body temperature.

#3 Basil

You can add stevia to beverages such as freshly brewed tea for that sweet sensation. Its cuttings shall have to be collected from actively growing soft branches for being placed in water.

However, you need to store this tropical plant in a warm place and provide maximum light to ensure its continued growth.

It can grow happily in the warmth of your kitchen provided it receives ample amountof light. The cuttings can be taken any time before the plant starts to flower. You can grow the basil cuttings in water for being preserved during the winter months.#

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